The Marilyn Monroe Statue

Marilyn Monroe Statue

Plans for the newly designed downtown Palm Srings were unveiled revealing prominent placement for the 26-foot tall “Forever Marilyn” sculpture and the Aluminaire House. Palm Springs was once a vacation spot Marilyn enjoyed and the place where Marilyn was “discovered” and initially photographed at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs more than 50 years ago. She was back in Palm Springs, California, and she was bigger than life.

Standing nearly three stories high, the “Forever Marilyn” statue arrived in Palm Springs from Chicago’s Michigan Avenue where it had been displayed for about a year. Marilyn smiled proudly along Palm Springs famous Palm Canyon Drive in her famous pose with skirt blowing in the breeze. Beautiful mountains and soaring palm trees are the setting for her new stage in Palm Springs.

Marilyn Monroe Statue was displayed in Palm Springs from 2012 – 2014

Standing in downtown Palm Springs, the Marilyn Monroe statue, known as “Forever Marilyn,” is a 26-foot-tall statue that was most recently displayed on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. Several cities had lobbied to host the massive Marilyn Monroe statue when her Chicago residency wrapped, perhaps because August 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the Hollywood legend’s death. Palm Springs was selected as the city to host the massive Marilyn sculpture.

“We received many requests as far away as Tokyo and Madrid and cities in Brazil. We felt that Palm Springs has a special connection to Marilyn because it is the legendary playland for Hollywood,” said Paula Stoeke who oversees the Marilyn sculpture.

“Forever Marilyn” a big Palm Springs Tourist Attraction

“She’s legendary and she’s a Hollywood icon. The sculpture has become kind of a tourism magnet there and that’s what we as an organization are interested in,” said Tim Ellis, general manager Palm Mountain Resort and board member of the Palm Springs Resorts, a Palm Springs tourism group spearheading the Marilyn in Palm Springs project.

The smiling “Forever Marilyn” statue is a 26 foot tall sculpture created by artist J. Seward Johnson. While his other sculptures are life-size, few of them are as massive as the three-story Marilyn statue.

The 34,000-pound sculpture, which cost about $40,000 to transport, was trucked from Chicago to Palm Springs in pieces and arrived in Palm Springs on May 14, 2012. Because of its incredible size and shapes, it took several days to assemble the pieces (and a few cranes) to re-assemble the pieces of Marilyn that had been taken apart to make their way across the country.

Marilyn Monroe returned to Palm Springs and she’s bigger than life

“Marilyn is a big draw as a tourist attraction for Palm Springs visitors and residents alike and we’re happy to welcome her here for an extended vacation in Palm Springs,” said Rick Hutcheson, Palm Springs City Councilmember and president of Vacation Palm Springs.

How long is the Marilyn Monroe Statue in Palm Springs? The “Forever Marilyn” statue will be displayed in Palm Springs until April 2, 2014.

The “Forever Marilyn” Palm Springs welcome and ribbon cutting took place Thursday, May 24th, 6 pm at the Palm Springs open-air street fair (held every Thursday night) known as Village Fest.

About the Marilyn Statue:

  • Height: 26 ft (about 3 stories)
  • Weight: 34,000 pounds
  • Displayed: from 2012 – 2014, returning soon
  • Where: Palm Canyon Drive at Tahquitz Canyon Way
  • Monroe’s life: Born June 1, 1926. Died August 4, 1962.

Like it Hot? Marilyn Monroe Movies in Downtown Palm Springs

Come see the Marilyn Monroe Free Movies in Downtown Palm Springs!
Free Outdoor Movies – in the heart of Downtown Palm Springs

Time to say goodbye to “Forever Marilyn” in Palm Springs!

A “farewell” concert was held during Village Fest on March 27, 2014 for the 26-foot tall sculpture of Film Legend Marilyn Monroe known as “Forever Marilyn.” The Marilyn Monroe statue had been in downtown Palm Springs for more than a year and will be missed by many.

The free concert, which featured Beatles and Beach Boys tribute bands, March 27 at the 26-foot-tall sculpture at Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way, according to the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism.

Forever Marilyn in Palm Springs!


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